Our Pricing

  • Laundry

    Wash & FoldĀ (minimum 5 Kg) R35 per kg
    Wash, Iron & FoldĀ (minimum 5 Kg) R43 per kg
    Blankets R183 per blanket

  • Ironing

    Small Items * R18 per item
    Large Items ** R21 per item
    Iron Only (minimum 3 Kg)*** R60 per kg

    * Shirts, trousers, tops, clothing, pillow covers, cushion covers are considered as small items.

    ** Bedding items such as sheets, duvet covers are considered as large items.

    *** All items will be ironed if Iron Only has been chosen.

  • Dry Cleaning

    Small Items

    • Shirts
    • Trousers
    • Skirts
    • Shorts
    • Blouse
    • Ties
    R95 per item

    Medium Items

    • Jackets
    • Jumpsuits
    • Coats
    • Dresses
    • Suits
    R185 per item

    Large Items

    • Duverts
    • Blankets
    R385 per item


Our gift to you

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