• Domestic (charged per kg)

    Wash & Fold (minimum 5 Kg) R37.00 per kg
    Wash, Iron & Fold (minimum 5 Kg) R47.00 per kg
    Drying Only & Fold (minimum 5 Kg) R25.00 per kg
    Ironing Only R60 R41.00 per kg
    Blankets R193.00 per blanket

  • Commercial (charged per item)

    Wash & Fold (min. 50 items) R11.00 per item
    Wash, Iron & Fold (min. 50 items) R18.00 per item
    Ironing Only (min. 50 items) R13.00 per item
    Blankets (min. 20 items) R45.00 per blanket

  • Domestic (charged per bag)

    Wash & Fold R225.00 small bag
    R361.00 large bag
    Wash, Iron & Fold (min. 50 items) R290.00 small bag
    R443.00 large bag

We have special rates for all your linen cleaning and management needs - contact us for special pricelist.