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? absolutly! from just R175.
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Wash - Laundry is a word used to refer to the washing or cleaning of textiles, especially clothes. The process of doing laundry is often done in a space reserved for that function, for example, a utility room or laundry room, or in the case of commercial laundry services, in stores called Laundromats

With times changing, and people’s perceptions and attitudes about life-changing, many individuals now prefer to use laundry services to do their laundry rather than cleaning them at home - Wash .

Wash will wash any laundry the customer brings to them from shirts to suits to underwear to coats to bed linens to curtains. They will do all the washing and cleaning, ironing and folding so that all the customer has to do is come for them or wait for them to be delivered at home. Fees will depend on the fabric or material of the laundry, the amount and the type.

You now have the opportunity to order laundry online in Wash , or with your phone and tablet app. Choose a time and place that suits you and we’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes for you – with pricing from just R35 per kilogram.

How Our Service Works - Wash ?


Schedule a pickup for now, later, or simply leave your clothes with your doorman. We’re easy, so do whatever works for you.


A professional Just Laundry Ninja will swing by to collect your items — so your clothes are protected in style.


Your clothes are returned fresh and folded the next day. Meanwhile, you can relax with a cup of joe (or herbal tea, if that’s your thing).

Wash Laundry Prices?

There are various advantages of using Wash . For example, it frees up the time of the customer so that he or she can focus on other things. In today’s era, when the society is unusually fast-paced, people have little time to do such things as laundry, and therefore, one can maximize the time he or she has by allocating some house chores to businesses, like laundry.

Furthermore, Wash are specialists in cleaning laundry and, therefore, they are likely to do a better job of washing the clothes than the owner.

Turnaround time can be within 24 hours
We offer up to 1 week of free storage (useful if decorating, etc.)
Prices are calculated per kilo with minimum of five(5) kilos.
Our prices include free collection & delivery for various locations

There are two primary forms of laundry services, the full service, and the self-service Laundromats. The full-service ones include picking up and dropping off of laundry, removal of stains, ironing, fireproofing, folding and starching. The self-service ones often offer some of the services provided by full-service ones, but they often operate by letting the owner of the laundry do all the work - Wash .