Laundry Insurance


Just Laundry as the industry leading service provider in terms of service and innovation building has added an Insurance option which ensures that our customers are always covered when they hand over their laundry to our driver for cleaning. Our customers are covered the second they hand over the laundry to our customer till the laundry is delivered to the customer; This option is an premium option that customer has to opt for to ensure that the cover is active.

As much as we've cleaned thousands of laundry baskets over the years - we have also been in positions were we've misplaced a sock or two belonging to our customers and as such we have placed meassures internally to ensure it never happens again but added to that, any financial or property loss to our customers to be covered instantly when they have opted for the option.

Protection Process

1. The laundry will be picked up from customers assigned address
2. On arrival at our washing facility, laundry will be counted pre-washing and inventory list send to customer prior the wash.
3. Pre-existing damages will be noted and documented
4. Laundry will be washed as per customer requirements
5. Laundry will be counted again - figures will be send to the customer on completion
6. Laundry is delivered to the customer - customer will have an opportunity to count inventory to confirm.

Claim Process

1. Customer has to send an email to our HQ on with order number as reference
2. The claim will be processed within 3 working days from lodge
3. On approval - customer will be compensated within 5 working days